100 Self-Portraits of Hongkongese | 100香港人自攝像

100 artists, photographers and public will tell you their story by photography.

Joseph FUNG | WONG Wo-bik | Stella TANG | Wai Kit LAM | Blues WONG | Dicky TSE | Bobby SHAM | Paul YEUNG | Grace TANG | Joel CHUNG | CHU Kwok Ming | South HO | SIU Wai Hang | Topaz LEUNG | Simon C | Wilson LEE | Quist TSANG | Nash LEE | LAI Yat Nam | Iris CHEUNG| CHOW Kar Hoo | KWONG Chi Kit | CHEUNG Wai Lok | LAU Wai | Cuson LO | Rainbow LEUNG | Hello WONG | PONG Yat-Ming | Ya Wen | TSAND Kim Wa | LuLu | Cam WONG | Damon Tong | Rachel IP...
100 Hongkongese

Published 2015
Publisher brownie

18 x 24 cm

Extent 157 pages
ISBN 978-988-13632-0-6


A book of three graduates of Master of Fine Art in The Chinese university of Hong Kong. “Trivia” derives from Latin tri, "three" and via, "ways." In Roman times, at the intersection of any three streets were kiosks where information was posted for travelers, but which was totally ignored by the citizens. It extends its meaning to matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential, and nonessential, or referring to petty details or considerations when time gone by.

Meeting coincidently in this school during our MFA course, we made a lot of discussions about the work we are making. And we talked about art as a “trivia”, we see art, to some extend, is to provide meanings and value to anything, and showing perseverance and diligence in petty details or very nonessential matters.

There are many ways for one to express oneself and three of us are trying to make some noise in three different ways. Albeit focusing on different media, we share the same attitude towards artmaking, and believing the concentration of every details of a work would lead us forward.

Published 2013
Essay About Trivia by Frank Vigneron

SIU Wai Hang, Cindy CHAN Hin Sin, WONG Yee Ki

Dimensions 20 x 20 cm
Extent 76 pages

Not for sale, please write me a mail for requesting the book for free

Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art

Edited by Serenella Ciclitira and Chang Tsong-Zung is published by Skira, and distributed worldwide by Thames and Hudson. The publication includes over 400 artworks by 76 artists, offering the largest survey to date on Hong Kong contemporary art. 

Published 2013
Publisher Skira
Dimensions 24.3 x 24 cm
Extent 408 pages
ISBN 978-88-572-1810-6


Published 2011
Publisher Hulu Culture
Essay Simon Go, Cally Yu and Wai Hang Siu
Photo Simon Go and Wai Hang Siu
Dimensions 26.3 x 36.9 cm
Extent 96 pages
ISBN 978-988-18471-6-4



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