Siu Wai Hang 蕭偉恒

Siu Wai Hang primarily engages with photography. His work makes use of different methods and photographic principles to express Siu’s solicitude for the society and his contemplation on the medium. Local history threads Siu’s practice and is the vessel through which he uncovers the values of Hong Kong. He is interested in depicting landscape and object for they connect people with collective memories. The subject matters are coupled with his take on the nature and strength of photography, highlighting the encounter between traditional photography and contemporary digital work.

Siu was the recipient of the First Price of Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award 2021, the Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize (2018) and the WYNG Masters Award (2014 and 2016). He was also named ifva Emerging Talent in 2016. His works were collected by The New York Public Library(US), M+ Museum(HK) and private collectors around the world, and had exhibited in New York, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. Siu currently lives and works in Hong Kong, and holds teaching positions at various universities and art institutions.

 蕭偉恒一直從事攝影及多媒體創作,作品呈現對社會的關注及對影像媒介的反思。蕭氏於2021年獲得香港攝影樣本書獎大獎;2018年香港人權藝術獎;2016 年及 2014年分別獲得 WYNG 大師攝影獎,更在 2016 年榮獲第二十一屆 ifva 藝術家新秀獎。蕭偉恒的作品被美國紐約公共圖書館、香港M+博物館及各地私人收藏,亦曾於香港、美國、德國、 台灣及中國等地展出。藝術家現居香港,同時致力藝術教育,任教於各大專院校及藝術機構。



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