History of photography goes side by side with the Image Technology. In many cases, Thermal Image Technology appears to have nothing related to the “Light”(phōtos). In fact, its material property has no different from the Silver Salt Photography.  In the “Customer" series, the artist collected thermal paper receipts from people of all walks of life in the past year and transformed them into portraits.
Danielle Todd mentioned in his book You Are What You Buy: Postmodern Consumerism and the Construction of Self  that “Consumption is one of our most creative and most restrictive practices. Due to this fact it must be concluded that consumer driven production of self is less to do with "who am I" and more with "who are we" or "with whom do I belong."

In the “Customer" series, the symbols contained in the medium reveals to us people’s way of life, rhythm, preferences, etc., it even explains to us the way urban life is being monopolized or shaped by Consumerism.


丹尼爾 · 陶德在「你是你所購買的: 後現代消費主義和自我的建構」提到「消費是充滿創意同時又具限制的人類活動。因此,消費習慣至少能夠帶出"我是誰"的個人議題,甚至是"我們是誰"或"我與誰屬"等的社會論述。」,「顧客」系列透過媒介本身盛載的符號,讓我們可以看到每一個人的生活方式、節奏、喜好等,甚或反轉來理解現代都市生活是如何被壟斷或被消費主義所製做出來。




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