Walled buildings in Tsuen Wan West
Year 2010
Dimensions 29 x 148 inch


Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery
Year 2010
Dimensions 30.1 x 188.3 inch


Highway in Tsing Yi
Year 2010
Dimensions 20.7 x 125.5inch


Construction yard in Tseung Kwan O
Year 2010
Dimensions 14.8 x 74.8 inch


Lunar New Year Cup at Hong Kong Stadium
Year 2010
Dimensions 14.8 x 73.7 inch


MTR Kowloon Station
Year 2010
Dimensions 12.7 x 395.4 inch


Hong Kong International Airport
Year 2010
Dimensions 13 x 109 inch


It is a series of huge prints containing rich details, through the macro and micro perspective to criticize and understand the social issue in Hong Kong. Macroscopic and microcosmic perspective is the core element of this project, it encourages viewers to see the whole, and explore the details at the same time. Not only for one single photo, viewers are encouraged to compare photos, in order to get more Idea about the sense of order, and how our life and environment are arranged unconsciously. On the other hand, the details can give more information to enrich the idea.

Macroscopic and Microcosmic

A series of large prints is created based on the Gigapixel photography technology; it allows viewers to perceive photos macroscopically, colors, patterns, sense of order are expected to be observed when the viewers step back to see the whole. Like watching Chinese Shan Shui painting, viewers are encouraged to “move” inside the photographs, to explore it and find the details. Those rich microcosmic details complement the macroscopic idea.

“Order” is a macroscopic idea, to see the whole like god is the way to get the sense of order. We use “regular” “separated” “close”… to explain the sense of order, not only the sense of separation, but also “change of colors” “form” are described as an “order”. But how about “disorder”? Is it the opposite of “order”? That would be halfly true. “Disorder” is also a kind of “order”. In the series of photographs, a sense of “order of disorder” is bringing out, especially those pictures which highly connected with human activity.

That is a sense of modern city, we plan the city like separating cake equally, but we live in it like easting cake, someone eats chocolate first, someone prefers taking out cream at the beginning. Like people living in different home styles but in the same building. Somehow we can say that “disorder” is part of “order” microcosmically. Microcosmic is the most exciting and rich details perspective in the world. Through the macroscopic and microcosmic point of view, bring out my sense about city and human activity.

Location and social phenomenon

Several locations were chosen to illustrate my social concern, housing, urban planning, human-environmental relationship and economy.

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