Faces of people/臉, 2019
Super 8 projection & Silver Print (20”X24”)

I shot protesters’ faces with my super 8 camera frame by frame, as a result, a meter long super 8 film contains 350 faces. I projected and played it by a super 8 projector in a darkroom, exposed the rolling images on a silver print, thus a pure black photograph created.

It is a black mirror reflects the reality we are facing on, additional faces will not change the result, it may be hopeless, fearful and emptiness. Finally, at least, we could see ourselves clearly through the black mirror. 



Which I am looking for/眾裡尋她, 2019
Lightbox (120cmx10cm) & 6 Silver Prints (30cmx30cm)

In the continuous moments, which one should be the right bird of freedom?







Men on Men/人疊人, 2019
Lightbox (120cmx10cm)

When crowd met crowd, it became crowd.







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