Strokes of Light/靈光之書

The Greek roots of “Photography” mean “Writing” (graphé) with “Light” (Phōs), “Light” is the only substance in photography. “Strokes of Light” is a series of photographs which captured “LIGHT” traces before the film was loaded into a camera, at the same time, the first moment the camera caught when the negative was loading. The “LIGHT” was directly recorded by an “incomplete” photographic process, it brings an ambiguity of the nature of photography about “The existence/absence of Camera in photography”. Moreover, it presents the way how “LIGHT” writing, and arouses a dialogue about the traditional photograph in the context of new technology at once.
A camera can be ignored in the traditional photographic medium. This unnecessity turns it become more direct to the idea of “Writing with Light” when compared with digital imaging technology. And, the chemical reaction is altered by time, it makes the diversity in visual and creates a timeline like literature.  This idiosyncrasy should be the only value of traditional photography in the contemporary era.




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