Portraits of Avenues/道路的肖像

When it comes to the colonial history of Hong Kong, there are always many chapters on the history of Hong Kong Island. However, The late-developed Kowloon Peninsula was developed in the middle of the 19th century. Several of the main streets have a history of more than a hundred years, and their historical value and significance are no less than those on Hong Kong Island. Through historical photographs and documents, " The faces of avenues" draws out the history that has been covered up by the rush of time. Reencounter the forgotten people at the same time reconnect the memory from us.

如要說起香港的殖民歷史,香港島總會是佔據許多篇章。而發展較晚的九龍半島,其實在十九世紀中旬已有發展。當中數條主要街道已有百多年歷史,其價值和意義不比港島的遜色。 「道路的肖像」藉著歷史圖片及文檔,勾勒出那些被匆忙歲月蓋過的歷史,令埋藏於街道間的人物,如像今天重遇昨日消逝的黃昏。


Edward VIII - King's Road

Princess Margaret - Princess Margaret Road

John Gardiner Austin-Austin Road
Sir Matthew Nathan-Nathan Road
3rd Marquess of Salisbury-Salisbury Road
1st Earl of Kimberley-Kimberley Road
4th Earl of Carnarvon-Carnarvon Road
1st Viscount Knutsford-Knutsford Terrace





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