Hot Shots/熱X像, 2021

Photo installation

Portrait photography follows the convention from painting, it shows the subject through the operator’s hand. As a result, the audience eventually doesn’t care how authentic is it, because the portrait contains the operator’s point of view and emotion about the person captured. When photography is not about painting or even arts, it runs to the surface of reality, the portrait becomes a record of the government, the landscape is a reference for strategy making, and still-life proof something in the judicial process.
Today, imaging technology is rampant, it is wide enough to affect all levels of society. In 2020, the portrait turned into a part of the big data in life. Appearance, time, temperature, location becomes the exchange of everyday life. Thus, our appearance becomes more valuable than ever. At the same time, photography continues to exploit us, makes those involuntary photographic actions as comfortable as breathing.
I purchased a thermal camera that is common in public and took it out to measure body temperature whenever there were occasions. People were quite  "cooperative", it seems that everyone despises the value of a portrait.







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